The Blessed Blend 

​Sound Born of a Native & Celtic Union

What is a Blessed Blend?

Through the interaction between the newly immigrated Scot's and Irish and the First Nations people of Turtle Island (The Americas) There came the realization that there were many shared commonalities between both nations of people. When the Scot's and Irish immigrated into the Appalachian mountains they found a kindred people. During the 18th century the Scots coined the term "Blessed Blend" to describe the marriage union between a Celt and a Native. The same term was applied to the children who were born of these unions; carrying in their bloodlines the beauty of both indigenous worlds.  Are you a Blessed Blend?

Song Samples

The Blessed Blend : "Sound Born of a Native & Celtic Union" are NAMMA (Native American Music Award) winning musicians composing and performing original and ancient songs by blending Native American and Celtic music; which is deeply rooted in the history of the Appalachian Mountains. The Blessed Blend weaves a harmony of tribal fusion music from these two ancient and still thriving ancient cultures; sprinkled with some traditional storytelling and other surprises.